The Best Tips for Accessorizing an Outfit with Bracelets

braceletEvery woman loves fashion and wishes to make a fashion statement wherever she goes, and she knows so well that no outfit can be complete without accessories. If you accessorize your outfit correctly, you will look beautiful regardless of the occasion. Bracelets are attractive and comfortable accessories that come with numerous colors, materials, and styles. However, selecting the right bracelet to accessorize your outfit involves more than color coordination. While some bracelets are ideal for casual wear, there are those that you should wear on formal occasions. As a woman, you need to be familiar with the trending styles of bracelets and fashion trends to be able to accessorize your outfit with confidence.

Bracelets might seem comfortable to wear, but you need to make a conscious effort and employ the following tips to boost and accessorize your outfits ideally. Read on for more!

Color co-ordination

When it comes to bracelets, you need to consider colors. Refrain from using metal, unless you have another accessory that ties the metal bracelets together. Instead of wearing a single-colored bracelet, you can choose to have a complementary shade since it is much more attractive.

Neutralize your veins appearance

Thin-skinned women or those women with blue hue appearance in the veins can neutralize the appearance with an easy trick. All you need to do is to go for a yellow or gold-colored bracelet since they can help minimize the visibility of veins in your wrist.

Wearing sleeve-length tops

As a wristlet wearer, you need to factor in sleeve length as when accessorizing. Short-sleeves, sleeveless, three-quarter sleeve and half-sleeves are lengths that are acceptable when you are wearing a bracelet. You should not wear a full-sleeved top as the elongated part will cover up your jewels, thus making your jewelry obsolete.

Always follow the one wrist rule

You should keep your bracelets confined to a single wrist. The reason is that a bracelet is often a showpiece, and by having two varying focal points for a single outfit can be distracting.

Put on more than one

Even if women are encouraged to wear jewelry on one wrist, they have an option of wearing more than one. A bunch of thin bangles can look quite superb if done well. Numerous elastic ones achieve a more casual effect, and you can even pull off a combination of thin and thick bracelets and still look awesomely good.

Consider your bone structure

Women are not created equally, and just like jeans; some bracelets styles look better on specific bone structures. Those women with large wrists need to consider wearing dainty and thin bracelets while petite girls with smaller wrists look better with medium-sized bracelets such as leather cuffs. Those with long and slender arms can wear chunky bangles and look best.

Accessorize for comfort

As you accessorize your outfit, you ought to make the same consideration with your shoes and bracelets. Even as you match, comfort needs to be your top priority. While elastic bracelets and leather cuffs are designed to fit close to your wrist, always make sure they are not too tight. If jewelry is too small on the hand, it can interrupt your blood circulation. On the other hand, you need to be mindful not to put on bracelets that are too huge for your wrist. When wearing them in a professional setting, make sure they do not distract or impede your work.

Go for natural materials

It is not a must for a bracelet to be fashion forward or fancy as perceived by many. While wood is relatively unpopular and often under-utilized, they are perfect for eco-conscious individuals. Moreover, they are inexpensive. You can choose to use wood finish bangles or painted wooden bangles. You can also find bracelets made of wooden beads.

Match with your nail polish

If your pair your bracelets with the color of your nail polish you can achieve an optimal color co-ordination. The colors must not match completely, but they should complement each other. If you are wearing gold, metal, or silver bracelets, you can paint your nails with a metallic color.


In conclusion, finding the right bracelet requires you to keep up with the trending styles. While leather cuffs look awesome with a casual outfit, you should never wear them in an official setting. Well, while there may be many perceptions when it comes to accessories, you should never try too hard. Just wear a bracelet that you feel great while wearing. Moreover, all you need to do is to follow the above tips for accessorizing an outfit with bracelets and stay ahead of fashion. All the best!

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