Spring Fashion

Even though spring and summer is on the way and people are eager to see what the fashion trends are; I am certainty not. Every spring there is one thing you can pretty much guarantee; less clothing. Shorts get shorter, skirts are shorter and shirts are covering less and less!

I am in my late twenties and this look is not appealing to me in anyway. I can’t help but wonder why young women buy these clothes; you can not move in them without exposing something. What are our alternatives? Clothes that look like your grandmother might wear?

I get more and more frustrated each year when I see what spring fashion has to offer and chooses not to cover. What is the appeal to young women to wear shorts you can’t sit down in or skirts that show your bottom when you sit down.

This trend is aimed at girls younger and younger each year. Your daughter should not look like a carbon copy of you; little girls should look like little girls not mini women. I hope and wish parents and young women will take a stand and say enough!

I want clothes that are functional, reasonably cut and are trendy at the same time; that would be a spring fashion trend worth talking about.

So what are we to do? If we want change in the fashion industry then we need to let them know. A letter campaign can be a huge success and I know it sounds silly but that is how the OJ Simpson special that was suppose to air on FOX was canceled. Hundreds and hundreds of women and men mailed letters saying how upset they were.

It doesn’t take thousands of letters just hundreds. When a human resource center in a large media company gets a letter stating how upset they are; the company equates that one letter to a thousand people. When someone takes the time to write a complaint and researches where that complaint needs to go it shows the company how invested you are.

Another great tactic is calling one eight hundred numbers and complaining. If you can only find a customer representative phone number just request to speak to their manager. They most often then will take the time to do so because they don’t want to lose your business. Happy consumers mean more money and that is power on the consumer’s behalf.