Are keychains the new way to show support for something?

Keychains are a wonderful way to show support for something.

Support might come in different forms and places. Whether it’s a friend that has some kind of disease, if you want to support refugees or if you just want to support your favorite band or sports team.

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So, are keychains the new way to show support? In my opinion, yes. Definately. You can never go wrong with a nice keychain! Plus, if you don’t want to support it anymore, just remove the keychain!

Spring Fashion

Even though spring and summer is on the way and people are eager to see what the fashion trends are; I am certainty not. Every spring there is one thing you can pretty much guarantee; less clothing. Shorts get shorter, skirts are shorter and shirts are covering less and less!

I am in my late twenties and this look is not appealing to me in anyway. I can’t help but wonder why young women buy these clothes; you can not move in them without exposing something. What are our alternatives? Clothes that look like your grandmother might wear?

I get more and more frustrated each year when I see what spring fashion has to offer and chooses not to cover. What is the appeal to young women to wear shorts you can’t sit down in or skirts that show your bottom when you sit down.

This trend is aimed at girls younger and younger each year. Your daughter should not look like a carbon copy of you; little girls should look like little girls not mini women. I hope and wish parents and young women will take a stand and say enough!

I want clothes that are functional, reasonably cut and are trendy at the same time; that would be a spring fashion trend worth talking about.

So what are we to do? If we want change in the fashion industry then we need to let them know. A letter campaign can be a huge success and I know it sounds silly but that is how the OJ Simpson special that was suppose to air on FOX was canceled. Hundreds and hundreds of women and men mailed letters saying how upset they were.

It doesn’t take thousands of letters just hundreds. When a human resource center in a large media company gets a letter stating how upset they are; the company equates that one letter to a thousand people. When someone takes the time to write a complaint and researches where that complaint needs to go it shows the company how invested you are.

Another great tactic is calling one eight hundred numbers and complaining. If you can only find a customer representative phone number just request to speak to their manager. They most often then will take the time to do so because they don’t want to lose your business. Happy consumers mean more money and that is power on the consumer’s behalf.

The Best Tips for Accessorizing an Outfit with Bracelets

braceletEvery woman loves fashion and wishes to make a fashion statement wherever she goes, and she knows so well that no outfit can be complete without accessories. If you accessorize your outfit correctly, you will look beautiful regardless of the occasion. Bracelets are attractive and comfortable accessories that come with numerous colors, materials, and styles. However, selecting the right bracelet to accessorize your outfit involves more than color coordination. While some bracelets are ideal for casual wear, there are those that you should wear on formal occasions. As a woman, you need to be familiar with the trending styles of bracelets and fashion trends to be able to accessorize your outfit with confidence.

Bracelets might seem comfortable to wear, but you need to make a conscious effort and employ the following tips to boost and accessorize your outfits ideally. Read on for more!

Color co-ordination

When it comes to bracelets, you need to consider colors. Refrain from using metal, unless you have another accessory that ties the metal bracelets together. Instead of wearing a single-colored bracelet, you can choose to have a complementary shade since it is much more attractive.

Neutralize your veins appearance

Thin-skinned women or those women with blue hue appearance in the veins can neutralize the appearance with an easy trick. All you need to do is to go for a yellow or gold-colored bracelet since they can help minimize the visibility of veins in your wrist.

Wearing sleeve-length tops

As a wristlet wearer, you need to factor in sleeve length as when accessorizing. Short-sleeves, sleeveless, three-quarter sleeve and half-sleeves are lengths that are acceptable when you are wearing a bracelet. You should not wear a full-sleeved top as the elongated part will cover up your jewels, thus making your jewelry obsolete.

Always follow the one wrist rule

You should keep your bracelets confined to a single wrist. The reason is that a bracelet is often a showpiece, and by having two varying focal points for a single outfit can be distracting.

Put on more than one

Even if women are encouraged to wear jewelry on one wrist, they have an option of wearing more than one. A bunch of thin bangles can look quite superb if done well. Numerous elastic ones achieve a more casual effect, and you can even pull off a combination of thin and thick bracelets and still look awesomely good.

Consider your bone structure

Women are not created equally, and just like jeans; some bracelets styles look better on specific bone structures. Those women with large wrists need to consider wearing dainty and thin bracelets while petite girls with smaller wrists look better with medium-sized bracelets such as leather cuffs. Those with long and slender arms can wear chunky bangles and look best.

Accessorize for comfort

As you accessorize your outfit, you ought to make the same consideration with your shoes and bracelets. Even as you match, comfort needs to be your top priority. While elastic bracelets and leather cuffs are designed to fit close to your wrist, always make sure they are not too tight. If jewelry is too small on the hand, it can interrupt your blood circulation. On the other hand, you need to be mindful not to put on bracelets that are too huge for your wrist. When wearing them in a professional setting, make sure they do not distract or impede your work.

Go for natural materials

It is not a must for a bracelet to be fashion forward or fancy as perceived by many. While wood is relatively unpopular and often under-utilized, they are perfect for eco-conscious individuals. Moreover, they are inexpensive. You can choose to use wood finish bangles or painted wooden bangles. You can also find bracelets made of wooden beads.

Match with your nail polish

If your pair your bracelets with the color of your nail polish you can achieve an optimal color co-ordination. The colors must not match completely, but they should complement each other. If you are wearing gold, metal, or silver bracelets, you can paint your nails with a metallic color.


In conclusion, finding the right bracelet requires you to keep up with the trending styles. While leather cuffs look awesome with a casual outfit, you should never wear them in an official setting. Well, while there may be many perceptions when it comes to accessories, you should never try too hard. Just wear a bracelet that you feel great while wearing. Moreover, all you need to do is to follow the above tips for accessorizing an outfit with bracelets and stay ahead of fashion. All the best!

How To Get The Best Tassel Necklace With Pearls

necklaceThere are so many types of tassel necklaces and just like buying any other important piece for your wardrobe, there are things that you should consider when getting your necklace. These are the factors that will determine the kind of look you are able to pull when wearing your necklace.

Pearl arrangement – Some of the necklaces will have pearls running all through with some even having the tassel made of pearls. Others will have pearls distributed in different areas of the necklace and there are numerous styles you can choose from. Consider which arrangement is best for you; decide how many pearls are too many and how many are too little depending on your personal preferences to make the best choice.

The pearls – Tassel necklaces that are made using pearls may have original quality pearls or they can have faux pearls. The originals are definitely higher in quality, but this will mean you’ll have to dig a little deeper into your pockets. Faux pearls on the other hand make very beautiful necklaces, only that they may not be able to maintain the beautiful look for long even though they are very affordable. Your tassel necklace intended use can help you make this determination and so should your values and budget.

Measurements – The length of your pearly tassel necklace should matter because it can have an effect on the final look that you achieve every time you wear your necklace. Long enough necklaces may seem advantageous to creative wearers because they can be worn not just around the neck but also stylishly tied to the waistline. Apart from considering the length of the necklace itself, think about the décor drop length as well, so you can select a necklace that matches your personal style.

Other materials – Some necklaces feature pearls only, whereas others may come with additional materials like rhinestone and other different stones and beads. Consider whether you want such combinations or whether you want a necklace that is strictly made using the pearls. Also important to consider when it comes to the necklaces is the base material; is the quality good enough to hold the pearls and last you for a considerable length of time? There are so many base metals that can be used to make the necklaces and other materials too, so make your consideration and select the most suitable.

Other things that you can consider when buying your pearl tassel necklace are bead size and tassel color. Handmade tassel necklace makers give you the freedom to choose bead pattern style and tassel colors so you can have a personalized necklace just for you.

There is no question that a necklace can add just the right finishing touch to almost any outfit and bridesmaid dresses are no exception. With so many styles, lengths and colors to choose from, how do you find just the right bridesmaid necklace to fit the theme of the wedding and flatter the bridesmaid dresses? Below are a few simple tips to follow that may help!

1. Stay Within Your Wedding Theme

To help narrow down your choices, you will want to first consider the theme of your wedding. Think about the location and setting of your wedding, as you’ll want to select accessories that are appropriate. For an outdoor garden or beach wedding, you may want to choose a slightly more casual necklace. A light and airy necklace that is sprinkled with freshwater pearls or a simple gemstone drop necklace may be the perfect choice. A formal wedding allows for dressier bridesmaid necklaces. Shimmering necklaces made with gemstones or crystals will really sparkle in the lights at an evening wedding!

2. Choose a Color

The color of the bridesmaid dresses will also help determine your selection. The necklaces that you choose do not necessarily need to exactly match the wedding theme or bridesmaid dress color. Crystal, freshwater pearls and gemstones come in a variety of shades and the best idea may be to select a necklace in a shade that flatters the dresses, rather than matching the color. Many brides select their bridesmaid’s jewelry in neutral shades, like champagne or clear crystal, cream or white freshwater pearls or light colored gemstones. Accessories in warmer tones, like ivory and champagne will generally flatter warmer dress colors like tan and orange. Pair cool toned accessories with dresses that are in cooler shades, like purple, blue or pink.

3. Consider the Necklines

Think about the neckline of the bridesmaid dresses and what type of necklace will look best with it. For a scoop or V-neckline, select a necklace that follows the cut of the neckline without crowding it. A necklace that ranges in length from 16 to 18 inches should work well.

Consider wearing a relaxed choker-length necklace to flatter jewel (high cut round) and bateau (straight across from shoulder to shoulder) necklines. Whether you prefer a simple necklace or a chunky multi-strand necklace, any style that is around 15 to 17 inches in length should overlap the top of the neckline slightly, which will really complement the neckline.

Sweetheart and strapless necklines are extremely versatile and leave a lot of room to show off a beautiful necklace! Almost any type of choker, necklace or pendant will look great. Choose one that is less than 20 inches in length so that it won’t overlap the top of the dress.

More and more brides are opting for bridesmaid dresses that are not identical. If this is the case, you will want to take the varying necklines of the dresses into consideration. If you would like to purchase the same necklaces for all of your bridesmaids, you have several excellent options, as there some necklace styles that will work with almost any neckline. For instance, a simple chain with a single pearl drop may be a perfect accent to the dresses. Look for necklaces that have extender chains to make them adjustable in length at least 1 inch, if possible. This is an easy way to accommodate the different neckline styles, as well as making sure that the necklaces will fit everyone properly.

Long necklaces and lariats are extremely versatile and can be worn several different ways to accommodate the varying necklines. Long necklaces that range in length from about 36 to 46 inches can be worn single, double or sometimes even triple-strand. Lariats are open ended long necklaces with no clasp that can be wrapped and tied in a number of different ways. Purchase the same long necklace for everyone and each bridesmaid can wear her necklace in the manner that best flatters her dress.